Nutrigenetics, Epigenetics and Functional Medicine

Food, Genetics and the Body

Welcome to the cutting edge of Nutrigenetics, Epigenetics and Functional Medicine. The kind of life saving stuff your standard doctor probably won’t know about for another 20 years. You no longer have to wait as Nutrigenetics/Functional Medicine is here.

Every person has a unique set of genes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could optimize your diet and supplements for maximum well-being based on your very own personal genetic results?

It is more crucial now then ever as our planet and our food are now loaded with toxic chemicals that are pushing our bodies to their very limits. In addition, the poor diet of your parents or even grandparents can have real long lasting epigenetic (gene expression) effects on your life and health.

We have the ability to do in-depth analysis to take a look at genetic, chemical, and other diagnostic means to figure out and create a complete picture of your unique circumstance.

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Is the process whereby we specifically aim to identify how genetic variation affects your individual response to nutrients.

We then will apply this knowledge to optimize your health, and prevent or treat diseases specific to you.

The ultimate aim of nutrigenetics is to offer you a personalized nutritional and supplemental plan based upon your genetic makeup and history.

We believe that proper nutrition will often allow the body to self correct without the need for synthetic and or foreign substances when properly understood and implemented.


Is the process whereby we study your specific cellular and physiological phenotype traits and variations that result from external or environmental factors that are directly influencing the switching on and off of your genes and how your cells choose to express those genes.

By influencing the dynamic alterations in the transcriptional potential of your cellular biology, we can improve the positive influence of your nutrition in the body.

A good example that is quite common is the changes in DNA methylation and histone modification, each of which alters how genes are expressed without altering the underlying DNA sequence.

Functional Medicine

Is the process whereby we target the underlying causes of disease using a systems-based approach that engages both you as the patient and us to tailor a unique mix of therapeutic and other therapies, supplements, practices, etc.

By focusing on the whole person as a complex relationship of interconnected systems and not just approaching one particular system within the body we consider the overall picture and not just an isolated set of symptoms that present for categorical classification.

We believe that by understanding the historical, environmental, dietary, and other lifestyle factors that we can influence your long-term health and well being and improve or eliminate what is often diagnosed as chronic disease.